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Caravan transport

More and more people these days are following the trend of having their caravans transported for them, instead of driving them for extended distances. And caravans are becoming bigger and bigger, which means it is increasingly difficult to drive them yourself and, at the same time, the risks along the journey are also increasing. Van Eijck has permanently included the transportation of caravans into its ranges of services. So you can, in fact, go on holiday with the caravan, and Van Eijck will take responsibility for its transport to your favourite destination. This way, you can choose to travel any way you like. You can decide to fly or you even can drive, but with a second, perhaps smaller, car. With its special caravan service, Van Eijck is happy to make it possible for you to go straight to your holiday destination without any worries.

Would you like more information about this type of (holiday) transport? Then please contact Van Eijck directly so that you, too, can take a carefree holiday soon.