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Exclusive car transport

For the past several years now Van Eijck has also devoted it energies to the so-called exclusive transport of cars. This type of transport is often used for antique cars, very expensive cars and exclusive makes of cars. In many cases, the customer wants these vehicles to be hidden from view during transport, and Van Eijck has the perfect solution for this. Our tenting system, which we developed in-house, can be utilized on various trucks, which means that for us this type of transport is a routine occurrence. By deploying the right materials and experts, we are able to work flexibly and have your exclusive car arrive quickly at its destination.

This special type of transport can be perfectly arranged by Van Eijck International Car Rescue, both nationally and internationally. So, if your goal is to have your vehicle transported safely without revealing its identity, then Van Eijck is your ideal partner. Contact us today with any questions you might have about the customized options for you and your exceptional vehicle.