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The history of Van Eijck

Van Eijck International Car Rescue is a genuine family company founded in 1969 by the father of the current owner, Max van Eijck. The towing company that was started in that year was primarily active in the towing of vehicles after accidents and towing damaged cars throughout the large region surrounding Hulten. Some years later, a partnership was started between Van Eijck and the ANWB roadside assistance organisation, and the first international activities were initiated.

Expansion with repatriation
In 1980, as a result of re-districting, the territory of Van Eijck suddenly grew to include the regions of Tilburg and Breda, all the way to the Belgian border. Starting in the 1980s and 1990s more and more people started taking vacations abroad, and taking them more often, to boot. For Van Eijck this, too, meant an expansion of its work activities including, for example, the repatriation of people who had breakdowns in foreign countries.

Extensive and high-quality fleet
In 2001 the current owner, Max van Eijck, took over the company from his father. Max quickly saw even more opportunities for international growth and therefore invested in rolling stock and (innovative) expertise. Repatriation was at the top of Max's list, and no expense or effort was spared to continuously develop the quality of the stock or the expertise of the Van Eijck team with regard to repatriation. This growth and the expansion of the fleet up to the present day, guarantee professional service provision in the areas of car and truck transport as well as recovery, assistance and the provision of replacement transportation.

International character
Since 2006, we can speak of Van Eijck as absolutely being a company with great international character. It is partly for this reason that we chose the name Van Eijck International Car Rescue and expanded our network of partners throughout the whole of Europe. The employees of Van Eijck speak all of the languages necessary to be able to solve international problems and conduct business internationally, without a hitch, for their customers.

At Van Eijck, corporate social responsibility has been transformed into a standard, and service provision is of paramount importance to us. In the end of the 1960s, Max's father and grandfather were the true founding fathers of their mainly regionally based company. By now, though, the current director of the company, Max van Eijck, has transformed the company into an internationally active company with a big name in Europe in the arena of professional recovery and transport of all types of vehicles.