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Truck recovery – Heavy vehicle recovery

For the recovery of trucks and motor coaches, Van Eijck always has the right solution and plan of approach. When a vehicle, large or small, is involved in an accident and has been damaged, that is the time to call on Van Eijck International Car Rescue.

Here, too, our ability to deploy the most suitable vehicle, due to the continuous availability of our modern and extensive fleet, allows Van Eijck to act quickly and arrive at the breakdown site in no time. Every recovery or transport job requires the utmost precision.

Each and every employee of Van Eijck is professionally qualified and has received the most up-to-date training. Their enthusiasm, personal dedication and professional approach can also always be relied upon. This way your vehicle is recovered with care, and you are assured of its safe transport. All of your international recovery needs can also be flawlessly met by Van Eijck, with the support of their carefully selected network of professional recovery services abroad.